Why this dog paradise is a well-guarded secret among locals

By Aliya-Jasmine Sovani

The best dog beach in LA

On the world stage, the only dog synonymous with Long Beach, California is Snoop Dogg. But located only 25 miles from LAX,  Long Beach is also where you’ll find Rosie’s Dog Beach – one of the most well-guarded secrets among LA locals.

“The best dog beach in LA” sounds like hyperbole in a state that boasts 1,100 miles of shoreline. But talk to any Los Angeles local and they’ll tell you that, contrary to popular belief, the beaches in LA aren’t as dog-friendly as you might think.  At both of LA’s most popular tourist beaches (Venice Beach and Santa Monica beach) dogs are only allowed to walk along the paved boardwalk, but not on the actual sand.


Contrast that to Rosie’s Dog Beach, where, if you’re a dog lover, it literally feels like you’re walking into a Disney Movie called Heaven on Earth.

Dalmatians, Labs, pugs, huskies, Chihuahuas and every other gorgeous breed you can think of, big and small, run around off-leash and at full speed. The dogs seem in their natural element: wild and free with the ocean breeze blowing back their floppy ears, and with happy tongues hanging out of their mouths as they chase each other — and tennis balls — into the ocean. It truly is a dog lover’s paradise!



It’s best to drive from Los Angeles, and be sure to bring quarters for the old school parking meters. It takes 30 minutes from LAX and about 45 minutes from West Hollywood if you leave early in the morning. During rush hour it could take you up to an hour and a half.  But it’s well worth it for a full day on a beach where your furry family member can be included.


Be sure to bring towels for both you and Fido, a tennis ball or Frisbee, and a sun umbrella so that your dog has a place to hide in the shade and rest. Don’t let your dog drink the ocean water – the salt water will make Fido very sick, so curb your pup’s urge to drink from the ocean by bringing plenty of water and a portable dog bowl.



Keep it casual, because you will get dirty. While your Pomeranian may be the princess of hygiene, it’s guaranteed a soaking wet golden retriever full of sand will welcome you to the beach with a filthy hug within minutes of your arrival. Dress for a dog park.