Revisiting The Classics: Tried And True Dog Toys

Sometimes old school reigns supreme.

By The Get Leashed Goods Team

There is no doubt that 2018 is a great time to be a pet owner! There are so many new players entering the pet space, bringing innovation and high tech gadgets for our furry ones. Some of these are getting major press at the Consumer Electronics Show as must-have technology to keep us connected and our pets engaged.

Sometimes, however, a return to the classics is exactly what the dog ordered.

These are 5 classic dogs toys that stand the test of time:

The Kong

Photo: The Kong Company

This well-loved toy is used for both play and training. The Kong Company makes high-quality rubber toys for cats and dogs that can conceal a just-barely-reachable treat. The company even shares yummy recipes that will keep your pet deliciously engaged all day.  Available in a variety of sizes, there’s a Kong for every canine (or kitty). The Kong Company holds patents for their toy design all over the world. If you don’t have a Kong in your toy roster, we highly suggest getting one!

The Plush Squeaker

Photo: Amazon

Every dog is born with a hunting instinct, even if their tracking ground is reduced to the carpets of a luxury condo. There’s just this innate, primal urge to chase down a duck or squirrel! These plush toys help satisfy the urge to capture. With stuffies, always supervise your dog’s play to prevent swallowing of small (or dismembered) parts. Even the most well-stitched toy can be destroyed if your doggo is particularly determined. Speaking of destroyed, we LOL’d reading a German Shepherd owner’s 5 star review of this squirrel.

The Frisbee

Photo: Amazon

The Frisbee was officially branded way back in 1957. Today, many manufacturers borrow the design to create flying disk toys for dogs. If your pup loves to run and jump, consider getting them a disk to chase after. It gives a little extra challenge over the ball. Whether your dog prefers land disks or those that are waterproof, there are so many designs and styles to choose from. Top Dog Tips has made it a little easier by scoring the five best-sellers in the dog disk category for 2018.

The Rope Knot

Photo: ED Ellen Degeneres

If your dog is hard on toys and loves to play tug of war, a rope knot toy will be needed for your collection.  We love this pastel-colored dumbbell toy from pet maven, Ellen Degeneres. It’s strong, sturdy, and actually quite pretty.

The Tennis Ball

Photo: Amazon

This has got to be the ultimate old school dog toy. People have been playing fetch with their canine friends since the beginning of time. Modern dog tennis balls, however, have some improvements including squeakers and a sturdy construction. Also, balls designed for pets have a less abrasive covering to prevent teeth damage or mouth injury.

Is your dog’s favorite toy an old school pick or a modern tech gadget? Tell us about their favs in the comment section.