PetVibe Foundation Adds Charitable Giving To Your Shopping Experience

The leading social hub for pet owners now empowers members to give back with each online purchase

Sponsored Post – By J.J. Neels in collaboration with The PetVibe Foundation

With the seemingly endless choice of shopping options available online today, why not choose one that empowers you to give back with each purchase you make? This is exactly what PetVibe is enabling its members to do with its latest app upgrade, The PetVibe Foundation.

As pet owners ourselves, we LOVE this concept!

If you’re a pet owner, chances are that you’ve already heard of PetVibe. The popular app, which is available on both iOS and Android, is a “hub” that is specifically designed in response to the special needs of the pet community.

In other words, PetVibe literally does everything! It can help you find a local community of pet parents, lets you know about events and meetups in your area, reviews the very best pet businesses near you, provides discounts and special offers at thousands of national retailers, airlines and hotels, and even lets you send out Amber-Alert style notices across their network if (god-forbid) your fluffy bestie goes missing.

Best of all, PetVibe is 100% FREE to use!

A registered not-for-profit, The PetVibe Foundation has made its mandate to support animals in need by empowering PetVibe members to give back with each purchase they make. Members simply login through their online portal or via a super easy browser extension, which allows the program to automatically connect to any eligible retailer that you visit. This way, PetVibe members can give back from anywhere, and at any time, without any complicated extra steps.

Continuing its commitment to provide a great service at no additional cost to its members, PetVibe has extended this ideology to how it has structured its corporate giving program.

Unlike many other corporate giving programs, the PetVibe Foundation doesn’t expect you, as the user, to finance their giving. Instead, the online retailer of your choice donates to your specified charity, with no extra cost to you, as a thank you for choosing to shop with them that day. It’s that simple! You buy what you need and the retailer gives up to 25% of your purchase price to your charity. A total win-win situation. You’re happy, they’re happy, and thanks to the PetVibe Foundation all pets are happy.

Just when you thought this couldn’t possibly get any better, it does! 

In addition to giving to the charity of your choice, shopping with PetVibe gives its members access to discounts, and special members-only deals, from the national retailers you love. Imagine picking up your trademark lip gloss from Sephora, that fun pair of heels you’ve been eyeing at Bloomingdale’s, or that gorgeous new cable-knit, dog sweater for CoCo from Ralph Lauren – all at special discounted prices, and all while you’re giving back to some great causes.

PetVibe members also have access to exclusive travel deals with an array of national airlines and trusted hotel chains. That means you could save hundreds of dollars when booking that girls’ trip that you’ve been putting off, and still give back to animals in need in the same transaction. After using PetVibe to book, we promise that those beach side bubbles in Miami could never taste sweeter.

Currently, PetVibe members have the choice of supporting six charities across North America, including:


BUTTONNOSES is passionately committed to saving the lives of senior and special needs tiny dogs who are at risk of losing their homes or their lives. BUTTONNOSES SAVE A LIFE PROGRAM provides funding for medical procedures and other expenses for the tiny homeless furry angels in their foster / palliative care program.

PetVibe For VHS fills a gap in animal welfare services in the region and on Vancouver Island, with a focus on animal rescue, rehabilitation and adoption. They also accept many difficult cases and help these animals get the necessary treatments they may need, including emergency medical care, surgeries and other life-saving treatments.

4 the Fallen is a 100% volunteer, direct impact, non-profit organization in support of our country’s wounded military service members through our Prosthetic Program, Service Dog Program as well as Celebratory Ceremonies. Their service dog program is dedicated to providing service trained canines to heroes suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The goal of the Service Dog Program is to empower our heroes to return to an independent and high-quality lifestyle. In partnership with the Patriot Service Dog Foundation, 4 The Fallen assists our heroes with PTSD in receiving trained and certified service dogs, at no cost to the heroes.

Foster Army strives to SAVE THEM ALL by rescuing the most vulnerable, at-risk, misfit pets at the shelter and finding them Forever Homes. A key aim of their program is raising funds to support medical/behavioral treatment, vaccinations, microchips, food, supplies, and spay/neuter surgeries.

Patriotic Service Dog Foundation knows that each day, in the world’s greatest nation, 22 of our heroes will take their own lives. The Patriotic Service Dog Foundation’s goal is to reduce that statistic from “22 to Zero” by providing our service members with the animals that can assist with their rehabilitation and often save their lives.

Sweet Pawz and Meows Rescue finds loving forever homes for animals who would otherwise be homeless, neglected, abandoned, abused and/or euthanized at our local shelters in Pasadena, California and surrounding area. Their role in the community is to assist residents with much needed help in the areas of low or no cost spay and neuter services, trap-neuter-release services, advise on physical and behavioral health issues and also the importance of microchipping.

Have a charity you’d love to have added to the program?

PetVibe encourages its members to submit their most beloved charitable organizations or NFPs for their consideration. If selected, the PetVibe Foundation will provide help with marketing materials, free of charge and is committed to taking no fees from member contributions. It should also be noted that PetVibe permanently offers free, in-feed advertising to non-profit organizations on their app. For a full list of current charitable partners or to suggest an organization for consideration visit

Signup for PetVibe today and start giving back with each purchase you make.

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