Candice Bergen Elevates Your High-End Bag into Something Magical

The Hollywood legend creates adorable and personal keepsakes on super luxe canvases.

By Jennifer Grant

Image: Instagram/@BergenBags

What’s better than running your hands over the supple material of a high-end hand bag? Well, that would be running your hands over the supple material of a high-end hand bag adorned with a one-of-a-kind dog caricature painted by Hollywood classic, Candice Bergen.



“Monster is the first dog I painted.” Image: Tim Hout via Vanity Fair

With this simple (yet, wildly popular) project, Candice Bergen, 70-years old, has just reminded all of us about the happiness principle. It’s this: real pleasure and meaning rests inside the simple things, like painting on a vintage Valentino clutch.

There is a certain thrill in all of this, I must admit. I am called back to my seven-year old self, studiously covering over a black, wrought iron railing with a fuschia hue that celebrated alllll the spunk of the 80s. My little heart was pounding with joy; I just couldn’t wait until my neighbor got home from work and saw what I had made for her. Skip ahead a few hours and a pool of tears collect at my feet as I sand off the pink under the hot, glaring eyeballs of my very displeased mother.

Image: Instagram/@BergenBags

Things have turned out better for the artistic adventures of Candice Bergen.  In fact, everything she has done has only enhanced the cool factor of the bags.  Candice does admit, however, in a Vanity Fair interview, that her original response to her daughter’s request was to balk because, “she didn’t want to ruin a good piece of luggage”.

This was all Chloe’s idea! When Chloe Malle, Vogue Social Editor, asked her mother to paint something on a Louis Vuitton duffle bag, I suspect Chloe knew how much this bag would come to mean to her, but she had little inkling of the response the Internet would give.

Candice has created something wonderful. And everyone wants one.

Image: Instagram/@BergenBags

Candice is humble about her painted bag fame, claiming that she has not painted in the 40-years prior to the surprise request from her daughter.

“I used to draw cartoony things and I wasn’t bad at that. It has been a sharp learning curve but enjoyable. I set up my paints on the long table on our porch in East Hampton, put golden oldies on the radio and work happily.”

Image: Instagram/@BergenBags

Candice explains the phenomena best, “At the age of 70, it is fun to do something I haven’t done before.” Exactly. We should never stop being fabulously invested in expanding our horizons.

The original Louis Vuitton painted bag made for daughter, Chloe Malle. Image: Instagram/@BergenBags

The very best part of all of this is that YOU can order your very own Bergen Bag! Just contact Candice directly via her website at It will take 4 to 6 weeks to complete and the cost ranges from $300 to $1200, depending on the time required. Every cent goes to the ASPCA or the NRDC. Sounds like a pretty good idea, yes?

Now, I just have to get myself a high-end bag and I’m set.