Life of Vi – A Spring Thing

Violet Shares Her Favorite Looks For Spring

By Rachel Simpson

Spring is finally (sorta, kinda) here, and that means Violet can ditch her parkas, sweaters, boots – all the gear that’s itchy and heavy and cramps her style. Instead, it’s time for her to step into some things that are more colorful, more fun, things that better reflect her personality – you know, her favorite things! So what are they? Have a look.

1. Melon Ball:

With spring comes the rain that brings summer to life, and while Vi appreciates a running through the rain and nosediving into the muck as much as anyone, there’s a time and a place for such pigly behavior. The rest of the time she likes to stay dry, and her Millennial pink watermelon print raincoat helps her do so.

2. Stripes:

Like her mom, Vi is a big fan of black and white stripes. It’s not because they match her fur, though, or because they accentuate her ample curves; it’s more the fact that stripes are classic, and more importantly, very French – just like Vi.

3. Hear Me Roar:

Speaking of classics, Vi also loves her leopard print scarf. It’s a reminder that under all that whining for cuddles and monopolizing of laps, there beats the heart of a ferocious little beast (as any cat, squirrel, or marauding rollerblader in our neighborhood can confirm).

4. Petal to the Metal:

Maybe it’s because her name is Violet, or maybe it’s because their delicate and fleeting beauty make them opposite of our little dog, with all her tumbling belligerence and endearing cuteness. Or perhaps it’s because flowers never go out of style? Whatever the reason, Vi is a big fan of flowers. You might go so far as to say they’re one of her favorite things.

5. Palm Springs:

What Vi likes about palm prints is how summery they are, like a little reminder that the season we wait longest for is just around the corner. These prints also look great in the house, which works just fine for our queen of the couch.