7 Easter Requests From a Dog

Dress me up


Bunny costumes are all the rage and as long as they’re comfortable, I’ll happily help you blow up your Instagram with adorable pics!

Let me get some family time

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Having people over? Better tire me out first! I suggest a long walk in the morning before guests arrive. I’ll happily say hello but won’t be too rambunctious when everyone’s trying to relax or eat dinner.

I might not be the best at meeting new children


Not all dogs like children (can you blame them?). If your family is bringing over young children I haven’t met, establish some rules, especially around my food, toys, or anything I might be protective of.

Don’t let me eat your flowers


Everybody brings flowers for Easter, but some varieties of lilies can be toxic. If you’re not sure which are which, put them where I can’t get to them until you get a chance to check online.