Life of Vi – May Flowers

Vi celebrates the return of summer

By Rachel Simpson

After an April that was typically cool and wet, the type of weather that discourages walks and imposes more baths, Violet got outside to celebrate the May flowers born of all those April showers.

1. Tiptoe through the tulips:

Violet is a bulldozer, she can’t tiptoe, but she’d never dig up a bed of tulips. They smell nice and are just about nose-height for a Frenchie. And they come in a range of colors that go great with white. Just sayin’.

2. The color purple:

Lilacs hold a strange curiosity for Violet: because they’re usually well above her head she has yet to really find out what they smell like, what they taste like… But she appreciates them all the same like she does anything that’s purple.

3. Little shop of flowers:

Some free advice from our little Vi: a trip to the florist is good for what ails you. It’s never a bad idea to add a little color to your life, or in the life of someone special (Mother’s Day being in May and all). It can even get you out of the doghouse, something Violet knows plenty about.

 4. In its right place:

Another great thing about flowers is how well they complement each other, something that isn’t lost on a dog with the fashion of our Violet.

5. Steal Magnolias:

Don’t worry, we didn’t steal any flowers for this picture, Violet doesn’t steal anything but food left unattended. But we did steal a picture in the sense that the magnolia blossoms aren’t in bloom forever, and you have to take advantage of that fleeting window to catch them at their most vibrant. We did that here, don’t you think?

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