13 Powerful Women And Their Dogs

10) Eleanor Roosevelt


Credit: FDR Library

Eleanor and her Scottish Terrier, Fala

Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt was America’s longest serving first lady during her husband’s four terms in office. She advocated for human rights, way back in the 40s (hurray!). And her loving pet, Fala, was with her for all of it.

9) Michelle Obama


Credit: Instagram / @michelleobama

This former First Lady, has two Portuguese Water Dogs named Bo and Sunny! A gift to the First Family – these two are said to have been chosen for their ‘hypoallergenic’ qualities. Believe or not, Police actually foiled a plot to kidnap the dogs in 2016. Officials say Scott Stockert – who is from the state of North Dakota – was planning to snatch either Bo or Sunny. Luckily he was apprehended beforehand.

8) Empress Tzu Hsi


Credit: History Today

Empress Tzu Hsi ruled China from 1861-1908 and historians believe she owned as many as 20 dogs, who lived in their own bamboo quarters and were serviced by four eunuchs. She also had special clothing made for them which are said to have been made from the finest silks. Among her pack were a pair of  Shih-tzus that were gifted to her by the Dalai Lama of the time. Properly called Shih-tzu Kou in traditional Chinese, which translates to “Lion Dog,” this breed was looked upon as royal and sacred. According to legend, the Buddha is said to have rode to earth on a lion. Now that’s some claim to fame, if you ask me.


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