13 Powerful Women And Their Dogs

Man’s best friend? Pfft – Woman’s BFF

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: YouTube / Destiny’s Child VEVO

At Get Leashed, we firmly believe that behind every strong woman … is her dog!  That’s why it was a breeze to assemble this list of powerhouse women, who might just attribute some of their success to the companionship they receive from their faithful puppers.

13) Madonna


Credit: Instagram / @madonna

Madonna protects her independence in all her industries – music, acting, and business. Her relevancy started in the early 80’s and still going strong. She’s made it to the “doesn’t-need-a-last-name” level. She hasn’t been alone though, in addition to her family, her French Bulldog Olga has been by her side!

12) Virginia Woolf


Credit: Doggerel

Woolf and her spaniel, Pinka.

You may know that Virginia Woolf was an English writer who was renowned for for her poems and novels which used stream of consciousness as a narrative device.  But what you may not know is that she was an avid animal lover and owned dogs throughout her life, including a Cocker Spaniel named Pinka, pictured above. Woolf wrote over forty novels, including one inspired by her love of dogs called Flush, which was written from a dog’s perspective.

11) Hillary Clinton


Credit: Instagram / @hilaryclinton

Hillary and Tally’s photo for National Dog Day — aka the best day ever.

While the Clinton’s have owned a number of dogs including a chocolate lab named buddy, a grey poodle-toy-cross named Maisie, she is pictured above with her white poodle-shih tzu mix named Tally. Her devotion to her animals is unparalleled and she is often seen walking them herself, or with her husband and former president, Bill Clinton.

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