Summer Bucket List For Dog Owners

What you and your pup need to do before Fall comes

By Patrick Cullen

Once again, a great summer is winding down and if you’re like me, you’re scrambling to do as much as you can before the leaves turn and the fall weather rolls in. Before you know it, outdoor activities are reduced to skiing, drinking in front of a big fire in five layers of clothes, and walking from your front door to your car. After that, you have to wait a long few months for the weather to warm up again so you can enjoy summer once again. Right now, however, it’s crunch time and why not include your dog on your last minute summer excursions? Isn’t their summer about to be over too? As you set out to enjoy these next few weeks, consult our summer bucket list to maximize the fun and make the most of the summer that you and your “very good boy” still have left.

1. Hit the water

Right now is the perfect time to get out on the ocean or find a lake to enjoy. The water has been cooking all summer so it’s likely around it’s peak temperature. Perfect for you and your dog to enjoy a swim, if you have a dog that’s into that. If not, it might be the year to get a life vest for your dog and toss him in to make him test the waters. Who knows, he just might love it after that. If you have access to a boat, that’s another option if you’re looking to hit the water but stay dry. Your dog can hop up on the bow and experience the ultimate feeling of having the wind in their face. Sticking their head out the car window will never be the same. Paddle boarding is another great summer activity. Take yours out, buy one, or rent one and see if your dog will go out on it with you. It’s a trendy, peaceful means of getting a great core exercise, getting a tan, and enjoying the water while you still can. And lastly, dog beaches are a great spot to hit any time of day during the summer. You’ll meet wonderful dogs along with their wonderful owners, and it’s a summer paradise perfect for beach-bum dog lovers.

2. Hit The Outdoors

My personal favorite activity year-round but especially during the summer months when you don’t have to bundle up. Furthermore, August and September are the best months to do it as it’s still warm during the day, perfect for getting active outside, but it cools down at night for a campfire and a cool breeze. Grab a tent and find a pet-friendly campground near you. As someone who used to hate camping, give it a try even if you don’t think you’ll like it. Once you’ve found your serene campsite, you can take your dog for a hike, trail run, or just relax around the site for the day and just appreciate the fresh air and the warm sun. Just make sure you bring enough trail mix for you and your pooch.

3. Hit The Town

Dog-friendly hot spots are popping up in hip cities all across Canada and the US. Enjoy a meal at a dog-friendly restaurant with patio seating. Tie your leash to the table or pull up a chair if your dog has that kind of self-control. Just remind them no politics or religion at the table. And maybe share some food, as you’ll want to do the next part on a full stomach. From the restaurant you can check out a local dog bar. Our local dog bar down at school featured dog beer and wine and offered a dog playground for the gang to romp around on when after they had a drink or two in them. It was great to watch the dogs play while having a drink of our own. The next morning, you can check out an outdoor market. If your city is especially pet friendly, there will be water bowls put out at certain stands and plenty of food for you so you aren’t tempted to resort to “hair of the dog”.

4. Extras

Set up an Instagram account for your dog and watch the followers stream in (or find out that your dog isn’t as cute as you thought they were). Link your Instagram account and watch your following expand. Feel good about yourself. Put a picture of you and your dog on your Tinder profile. Watch as the matches stream in. Wonder if it’s because of you or just your dog. Have a good time anyways. Do everything you’ve just read, cram it all in before fall comes around, realize how busy you’ve been and schedule a massage for you and your dog (yes, there are places that do that). Reflect and be thankful for all the good times this summer.