Illustrator Jesse Creates Beautiful Pet Portraits And Tattoos

What inspired you to start creating pet portraits for others?

Photo: Jesse’s Pet Portaits

When my family dog, Hooch, passed away a year ago I decided to draw his portrait for my dad. Hooch lived a great 16 years and was loved by everyone in the family, but my dad and I were especially attached to him. I saw how happy the portrait made him and I wanted to be able to bring that joy to other pet owners.

How did your love of art lead into tattooing?

Photo: Jesse’s Pet Portaits

I’ve been drawing as long as I can remember. It was always my strongest subject in school. I got my first tattoo in my teens and just loved it. I love tattoos and tattoo culture, and I’m so glad the two lend themselves to each other. I’ve explored different artistic avenues before (studied fashion design, did embroidery and even worked as a florist) but now that I’m doing pet portraits and tattoos I realize this is what I’ve always wanted to do.

We love how you mix pop culture with pet portraits (hello, ground control to major dog is brilliant!) How do you find your inspiration?

Photo: Jesse’s Pet Portaits

Haha, thank you! Sometimes ideas just come to me, I’m a big fan of puns. Other times my friends will say something funny and I think “that would be a good drawing”. I’m always writing down ideas to look back on later.

Can you tell us about some of your most memorable portrait assignments?

Photo: Jesse’s Pet Portaits

Each assignment is different and special in its own way, just like each pet is. I’m extra touched when the owner gets emotional when they see what I’ve drawn for them, it’s the biggest compliment. I obviously love when I get to meet the pets too!

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