Illustrator Jesse Creates Beautiful Pet Portraits And Tattoos

Jesse’s Pet Portraits Are A Unique Way To Commemorate Your BFF

By The Get Leashed Goods Team

Photo: Jesse’s Pet Portaits

Art is subjective and emotional, and when you see an artist’s work who you just click with, it can lead to tattoo magic. Pet tattoos are popular in various styles, from paw prints to portraits. Even if permanent ink is not for you, there’s no denying the talent behind pet portrait illustrations. When we discovered Jesse’s Pet Portraits, based in Toronto, we fell in love with her style and the character shining through each creation. We had the chance to chat with Jesse on what inspires her and get some advice for anyone seeking to permanently have their pet’s image with them.

Read our interview with Jesse below:

Photo: Jesse’s Pet Portaits

Get Leashed: Have you always been an animal lover?

Photo: Jesse’s Pet Portaits

Jesse: Definitely! I always had pets growing up, and was very empathetic to animals at a young age.

Can you tell us about your own pets or animals in your life?

Photo: Jesse’s Pet Portaits

My work colleague has two adorable rescue dogs, Maeve and Dolly, who are so sweet. I love it when they’re at work, and I even get to puppy-sit sometimes! So many of my friends have dogs and I can’t wait until I’m ready for my own!

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