10 Ways Your Dog Tells You That Autumn Is Here

Telltale signs that fall is upon us dog lovers

By Jon Nelson

10 Ways Your Dog Tells You That Autumn is Here

Ahh… autumn. Crisp, clean air and wonderful colors. As if the pumpkin-spice everything, wool sweaters and knit hats weren’t enough of a sign for us, there are certain things that only us dog lovers get to see year in and year out. We certainly do love this time of year with our dogs and all the things that come with it!

1. Bur Fur

The number one telltale sign that fall is here: the hours you’ll spend picking burs out of your dog’s fur. It might be annoying, but it lets dogs know we love them.

2. More Sleep

All animals have an instinct to hibernate come fall and dogs are no exception. Look for your buddy to spend extra time by the fireplace or heating vent and don’t be surprised if they become ninjas at sneaking into your bed.

3. Extra Cuddle Time

All right… it could be that we get cuddlier when the weather cools down but either way, there seems to be a lot more time spent spooning our furry best friends.

4. It’s Time to Hit the GroomerAutumn dog

Experts say that a visit to the groomer between seasons is the best way to keep your dog healthy and a first defense against any unknown issues. Plus, groomers are professionals at getting rid of bur fur.

5. They Look Adorable in a Sweater

If you find yourself thinking that your dog all of a sudden looks more gorgeous than usual come autumn, it’s probably because you’ve put a fall sweater on him. Check out some of our favorite cool weather options here.

6. Letting Their Hair Go

While that beautiful coat stayed thin and shiny all summer long, in fall it’ll get a bit more coarse and lengthy while our pups prep for colder weather. Don’t fret! At least you won’t be vacuuming twice a day for the next few months.

7. Sun Suckers

Dogs need vitamin D as much as we do and they know it! They’ll spend as much time as possible in the sunny spots of your home while autumn rolls in. If you think they’re getting a bit depressed, you might be right. Try a SAD light in your home this winter. It works great for humans and sun-loving pets.

8. Food Freaks

Dogs have that instinct to put on winter weight and unlike us, they’re not watching their waistline or fretting that they moved up a hole in their favorite belt. This is a great time of year to exercise in the cooler temperatures so be sure to even out any extra eating with longer jogs or walks (this may not only apply to dogs).

9. Vet Visits

You probably put it off all summer so now that your schedule’s opened up a bit, it’s a perfect time to visit your dog’s favorite person – the vet! Get some peace of mind with a checkup, making sure all that summer activity didn’t lead to any unseen injuries or lurking illnesses.

10. Pull Out the Booties

There might not be snow and salt on the ground yet, but us dog lovers like to make sure we’re prepared. So when the bathing suits (for us) and life jackets (for them) go in the closet, those too-cute booties make their first appearance.