October Just Might Be The Perfect Month For Dog Owners

Vi shares her joy for all the things autumn brings

By Rachel Simpson


The end of summer – euphemized by most as “fall” – is anything but celebrated in our home. But if there is one family member who finds some joy in the harbinger of winter, it’s Violet. A dip in the mercury and a break from the humidity are much appreciated after a summer of endless thirst and truncated walks. Fall, which officially begins September 23rd but really doesn’t arrive until October’s shift to cooler, darker days, offers charms beyond the weather however, as you will see when Vi shares her Octoberfest with you.


Giving Thanks

The “giving thanks” component of Thanksgiving seems glossed over. But Violet really is thankful for the October┬áSunday┬áthat brings our family together. With so many more people in the house, the odds of a tummy rub, or a treat, or an unsuspecting relative to affectionately head butt into unconsciousness improve greatly; and to show her appreciation for this uptick in fortune, Violet will sit directly beside you, staring, chirping like a tree frog, and drooling until you bestow another opportunity to be thankful. That’s the spirit!


Come Together

It has been a long time since Toronto baseball persisted into October. This year, however, some intrepid moves by the Blue Jays resulted in them playing their first October baseball since Vi’s grandparents were kids. Violet was all in on the Blue Jays, watching, mostly with her eyes closed, sometimes distractedly, but watching nonetheless, every agonizing minute of their playoff run. Rest assured, Bautista & company, when you revisit October baseball next year, your furry fan will be ready and waiting.


Sweater Season

The sweater really is the perfect garment for dogs: no buttons, no zippers, no buckles, and if you run fast enough, you can run yourself right out of it. And yeah, they keep you warm, so there’s that. But this is a column about a dog, so you know that mere functionality is NOT the guiding principle. Violet’s sweaters do more than keep her warm, they are a way to look cute, to stop people in the street, to have her picture taken, to have her head scratched, to get treats, to deliver head butts. Is there any human garment that can offer such delights? Hardly.


Trick or Treat

Is sitting a trick? Technically, I guess. What about giving a paw? Maybe, but it’s a trick even puppies can do. So, no, Violet isn’t one for tricks. Treats, however? Now you’re talking about something she can sink her teeth into. And what’s wrong with that? Nobody actually says “Trick or treat” with the expectation of having to perform a trick anyway. But while tricks are off the board, Violet will dress up for a treat, sit still for another one, engage the camera for a third. And who are we to not give her what she wants? Are you prepared to disappoint Wonder Woman?


Fall Back

While fall shortens the days, that matters not at all to Violet, who has zero responsibility and thus, no reason to get up early. In fact, October’s darker mornings are a boon to Violet, as they slow down our start to the day and thereby improve the odds of Vi sneaking into our bed for a morning snuggle. Okay, so she doesn’t really sneak in. We get up, bring her to the bed, and position her under the covers – and you would too.