6 Books To Stay In & Read When You Have A Dog

Recommended Reading For The Final Days of Fall

By Sarah Fisher

6 Books To Stay In & Read When You Have A Dog

After a chilly autumn walk in the park, or an afternoon of brisk urban adventuring, you and your pup may be craving the cozy comforts of home. What better way to nest than with a great book?

We recommend substituting your next planned Netflix marathon with one of these reads, penned with dog lovers in mind.

  1. The Pug Who Ate The World by Tom Cote, Illustrations by Gemma Gené

The ratio of pug owners to non pug owners at Get Leashed is high. When we got our hands on a rare first edition of The Pug Who Ate The World, we had to jump on the #GotMyPugBook train (seriously, every pug on Insta is doing it). Instagram is actually how author Tom Cote met illustrator Gemma Gené, and their love of this flat nosed breed has brought us one of the most popular pug books of all time.

If you agree with Tom that “pugs don’t shed, they spread magical fibers of joy”, you just might need this adorable children’s book for yourself.

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2)  Jonathan Unleashed A Novel by Meg Rosoff

What is it about Manhattan? Even if you’ve never had the chance to live there, the intrigue of this island has been a constant source of inspiration for many authors. Meg Rosoff (author of “How I Live Now”) lets readers peer into the imperfect life of Jonathan, through his tangled relationships, the struggle with what he really wants out of life, and of course, his shift in perspective after agreeing to care for his brother’s dogs.

Jonathan Unleashed is a romantic comedy that packs some laughs and is perfect for anyone who has ever had the thought that dogs may just be the key to everything.


  1. Solutions for Cold Feet and Other Little Problems by Carey Sookocheff

A sweet and clever children’s book offering answers to life’s simple challenges. If you have a child who is constantly asking questions, you both may enjoy the problem solving and beautiful illustrations of Solutions for Cold Feet and Other Little Problems for young readers. Most importantly, this book teaches that having a friend (like a dog!) can help you get through just about any jam.


  1. Miss Moon Wise Words from a Dog Governess by Janet Hill

If you have been over-witnessing sad and traumatic stories in the news lately, give yourself a mental hug with this story about 67 wonderful dogs. Dog Governess Wilhelmina Moon travels off the coast of France for her first placement (hello, dream job) and brings the reader and her brood 20 meaningful lessons. Once you’ve gone from cover to cover, you may just want to frame the stunning artwork in this book.


  1. UNCONDITIONAL: Older Dogs, Deeper Love by Jane Sobel Klonsky

While puppies and young dogs are often romanticized, there is something deeply beautiful about our relationships with senior dogs. Jane made it her mission to capture images and stories that truly show the depth of the bond between humans and their dogs as they age.

From service dogs, adopted animals, and rescues, UNCONDITIONAL brings together diverse accounts of dog ownership with the captivating level of photography you can expect from National Geographic.

Whether you are almost ready to become a pet owner or you’re enjoying your pup’s golden years, Unconditional will move you.


  1. Free Days with George by Colin Campbell

When a marriage ends, the inevitable extreme sadness that follows can be almost too much to bear. This is a story about overcoming trust issues, both for protagonist Colin and the traumatized rescue dog, George, who he adopts. Sometimes, a renewed sense of happiness can come from both new adventures and rekindling old hobbies. Most importantly, Free Days With George shows us the role dogs can play in a person’s healing process and re-connection with their inner self.

Get to know the author and his real life Newfoundland Dog, George here, featured in Doggy Style.