Life of Vi – Festive Frenchie

Violet gets dressed for the Holidays

By Rachel Simpson

Velvet! Jewels! Cashmere! The holidays are here again, and with them come the family dinners, work parties, and other events that mark the season. You’re going to need to look the part, and Vi is here to help you (with a little help from our friends at Hound Collection).

Black Velvet:

Is there anything more classic than black velvet? In a season distinguished by loud colors, bright lights, references to stars, and reindeer with glowing noses, a simple black velvet outfit cuts striking contrast to the noisy look of the season.

True Colors:

Of course, part of the fun of Christmas is getting caught up in the merrymaking, and that extends to the clothes you wear. So it’s okay to go loud with your outfit now and then. Check out Violet’s outfit, for example. Can you get more merry and bright?

They Call it Cashmere:

If outlandish sweaters aren’t really your style, you could go the more subdued route and try a cashmere sweater. There are some drawbacks – like people uncontrollably touching and admiring the softness of your sweater – but it looks fantastic and it isn’t even itchy!

Emerald City:

Everyone knows that green is one half of the classic Christmas color combo. But you need not go overboard with it. Take Vi for example: she uses a green velvet harness and emerald necklace to show her holiday spirit.

Smoke Show:

What matters most, perhaps, is not that you dress for the season, indulging in the gimmicks, but that you look your best in the moments that call for it. There’s nothing about Violet’s smokey-grey get up that’s particularly seasonal. But she looks great -and isn’t that the point?

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