Why Adopting a Dog Should Be Your #1 New Year’s Resolution

10 reasons everyone who wants a dog should adopt in 2020

By Nicole Simone


Straight up: Having a dog makes your day-to-day life better. With scientific evidence showing that dogs lower blood pressure, decrease rates of depression and improve moods in their owners, there’s no reason not to get that pup you’ve always dreamed of. But before you make the big move, you need to consider where you want to get your dog from — shelter or breeder. Although there are lots of pros to choosing exactly the breed you want, with so many stories in the news involving puppy mills and other forms of animal cruelty, we think adopting a mutt from a shelter is a great idea (of course, rescuing a purebred is an option too). Here are ten reasons why you should make adopting a dog one of your New Year Resolutions for 2020.

1. Mutts Have More Fun – While it’s true that each breed has their own unique nature, why not get the best of several worlds by adopting a mutt? Want a retriever who also likes to shepherd, but who’s also great at lounging around? A mutt is the way to go. Having a truly unique dog is a gift!

2. You’re Changing The World – With an estimated 70 million homeless dogs and cats in North America alone, you’ll be helping to stop the problem of overpopulation. Crowded shelters mean euthanasia for many wonderful animals.

3. Transformation – There is nothing more rewarding than adopting a dog and getting to watch that dog learn to love and trust again.

4. Get Attached – Despite popular belief, rescue dogs bond faster to their owners than puppies do. They know what it is like to do without love and a home, so they are quick to settle in and show their gratitude.

5. Money – Adoption fees are much lower than those associated with buying a dog. The fee often covers vet costs including vaccines and spay/neutering. Not only is adopting cost-effective and life-saving, but the money is used to save other dogs in need.

6. Age Isn’t Everything – You can adopt a dog of every age, from puppies to seniors and choose your own adoption experience. Training a puppy is difficult and time-consuming and isn’t for everyone — that’s why adopting an adult dog is great, as many of them are already house trained and some even know tricks.

7. Stopping Puppy Mills – Many people don’t realize that a vast amount of puppies are born as a result of puppy mills or backyard breeders. By rescuing a dog, you aren’t supporting the businesses that keep shelters full.

8. Disabled Dogs Are Special – Another unique reason to adopt is to provide a home for a dog with special needs. Taking care of a dog with disabilities – whether it’s a physical impairment or a medical requirement —  can be a unique and rewarding experience for an owner

dog and girl in bed

9. Environmentally Friendly – You might not realize it, but pet overpopulation is bad for the environment. More dogs means more mouths to feed and more methane in the world. By not bringing new puppies into the world and finding homes for existing dogs, you’re actually making a positive impact on planet earth.

10. Second Chances Count – Rescue dogs are a daily reminder that second chances can happen and that we should not be so quick to judge people (or dogs) based on their circumstances. Adopting a dog just might change the way you see the world.