LIFE OF VI – Be Mine

Violet’s guide to Valentine’s Day

By Rachel Simpson


Forget for a moment that Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark event of fabricated significance whose main purpose is to encourage spending, not romance.

So grumble while you make those dinner reservations, trek to the florist in a huff, shake your head while shelling out at the Chocolateria. That’s completely understandable behavior. But since we both know that, regardless of the transparency of Valentine’s Day, you’re still playing along, let Violet shed a little light on how to be a the ideal Valentine.

Roses are Red…


Guys, Valentine’s Day is not the only day of the year you should buy your lady flowers. It is, however, the one day where not buying her flowers is a punishable offense. And while roses are the go-to on a day forever painted in red and pink, Violet suggests bucking the cliche and investing in a bouquet of peonies. Sure, they’re a little more money, but you get what you pay for. And after spending all that money on your dog, dropping a couple extra dollars on flowers for your other main squeeze is hardly asking the world.

Squeaky Clean


Violet is a big fan of tubs, not just because she gets treats for submitting to a scrubbing, but because she loves feeling clean.

Once she’s been lathered, rinsed, and toweled off, she does victory laps around the dining room table. It’s like she knows she’s at her silky, shiny best. You’re at your best when you’re clean too, fellas. So take it from Vi: while bathing can be a real inconvenience, it’s a must if you want to put your best face (or muzzle) forward.

All Dolled Up


If you think you’re preparation is tedious, it’s nothing compared to what a woman goes through. The primping, preening, plucking; the outfit, the outfit to replace that outfit, and the outfit that replaces the first two outfits only to be replaced by the first outfit. It’s a little easier when you’re working with leash and collar ensembles, but the idea remains the same: every girl wants to feel beautiful. So don’t forget to tell her she is. Violet gets compliments like that daily–which is one reason she loves us so much (and probably part of the reason she doesn’t know she’s a dog).

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