Life of Vi – A Whole Lotta Love

Violet Shares Her Most Beloved Things

By Rachel Simpson

Though February is often considered the month of romance, when our littleĀ Violet is feeling amorous she thinks not of romance, but of those things that she loves most, those things that make here happiest. Maybe you can relate? Here are six of her favorite things:


When it comes to being motivated by food, Violet gives even the shrew a run for its money. Her ideal walk would consist of visiting every store in our neighborhood that gives out dog treats–and she’d make that walk in a hail storm. We’d like to think she loves us more than food, but really, it’s hard to say.


The clothes don’t make the dog, of course, but in Violet’s case, they sure help make her cuter. So whether it’s a sweater or some socks, you can expect to find our little Vi wearing an added something…and loving it.


What dog doesn’t love a walk in the park? Our Violet is no different. She loves running the trails in the park, chasing squirrels, tempting the pond. Because no matter how much we treat her like a human, Violet is still a dog. And loves being one.


We were a little worried that Violet wouldn’t be an affection dog. Thankfully, all our fears were gone within a few weeks of bringing her home. Violet is absurdly affectionate, always worming her way onto laps, giving kisses, angling for belly rubs. No complaints here.


You know that feeling? When you’d give anything for a nap? Violet couldn’t possibly understand that feeling. Because when she wants to nap, Violet naps. Whether it’s her morning nap, her afternoon nap, or the nap she has before she goes to bed, Violet loves a good siesta.


While still in the grips of winter, it’s worth mentioning one of Violet’s greatest loves: the summer. Summer isn’t easy on our littleĀ dog, and she can really only handle it in small doses, but she loves all the summer she can get. So get here soon already, summer, would ya?


Does your dog relate to Violet? Share their favorite things with us in the comments below.