LIFE OF VI – March Madness

Violet makes March break mad fun

By Rachel Simpson


March is mad people. No, not because some college basketball tournament sends bandwagon jumpers into a tizzy. March is mad because of March Break, that stretch of freedom that produces tizzies of its own. And even though our little Violet graduated puppy school years ago; even though she was too cool for obedience school, she happily co-opts holidays of any kind. Because girls just wanna have fun. Mad fun.

Breakfast in Bed


The best way to start your March Break is with breakfast in bed. Nothing says “I will live this week on my own schedule” like eating where you sleep. Vi doesn’t have grand expectations for AM cuisine or anything (she eats the same thing every day, after all), and presentation doesn’t really impress her, but being able to eat without even standing up? that’s a big hit (even if crumbs in the bed aren’t).

Playground Love


Fueled and ready to tackle the day–at a leisurely pace–Vi likes to take a trip to the playground before it’s infested with a rowdy army of boorish tykes (Yuck!). A nice, quiet playground, one where the smells of the night before have yet to be smothered and stamped about by the aforementioned army, there are few more inviting spaces than that. While she’s not quite brave enough for a slide, and forget about a swing, Violet plays with fervor of a toddler, but with vastly superior balance.

Practice Makes Perfect


A play in the park is a sure fire way to tire Vi out. And a tired dog is a malleable dog. That’s when we teach Violet about the joys of having a baby in the house, about the presence of toys that aren’t hers, and the importance of not showing headlong affection to everyone in the apartment. And when she’s really tired Vi let’s us practice swaddling. Veteran’s of the baby game tell us it’s easy, and maybe it is, but ease does not preclude practice. Besides, Vi loves it. Can’t you tell?

Downward Dog


Swaddling leads to naps.(For Violet, most things lead to naps, really.) When Vi gets up from her nap, and with all that free March Break time on her paws, Vi likes to get in a quick yoga session. Nothing too strenuous, no crow position, no dragonfly, just some deep stretching and a whole lot of, you guessed it, downward dog.

Spring Cleaning


Another great opportunity afforded by March Break is the time to do a little spring cleaning. For such a stylish little lady, that means going through your ever-expanding wardrobe and asking yourself over and over again: “Am I really going to wear this again?” Sometimes this also means asking yourself:“Have I ever even worn this?” (But don’t tell anybody.)

Neighborhood Watch


Up to this point, you’d be justified in saying that much of Violet’s March Break has been selfishly spent. And you’d be right in that. But Vi is a caring member of the community. Not only does she keep the streets clean by eating whatever morsels are left on the pavement, she is a devoted Neighborhood Watch member. If you walk by our apartment, don’t be alarmed to see what looks a lot like a little member of the Kiss Army peering out over the street. So don’t get any funny ideas.

The City is Mine


With the neighborhood safe, we like to take Vi out to reorient herself with the city. Winter is mostly a period of quasi-hibernation, but when the mercury climbs out of the basement Violet gets adventurous. And with all the snow off the ground the uncovered filth is a veritable treasure chest for an animal that learns primarily through smell. All we ask is that she keep her cashmere sweater clean–the rest of March Break sort of handles itself.