These Five Canine Visual Artists Will Make You Wish You Had More Walls

Sometimes you come across art so endearing, yet provocative, that you simply must have it. This is that.

By Jennifer Grant


Image: Sally Muir

These artists are quirky in the most high brow of senses, creating intensely beautiful and interesting paintings, sketches, collages, and portraits to celebrate our most favorite companions. We are certain that you will fall head-over-heels for these artists. And some of them even take on commissions!

Sally Muir

Image: Sally Muir

Sally knits. I love that part about her biography. In fact, Sally Muir, along with her partner, Joanna Osborne, spent years running a successful knitwear business called Muir and Osborne, even publishing knitting pattern books and children’s stories. Sally then went to University as a mature student to study Fine Arts. She started painting children’s portraits, but then moved into dogs. You simply must check out the 365 paintings in her Facebook dog celebration: A Dog A Day. Sally Muir has received numerous awards and her work has been the spotlight of many a gallery all over the UK, (from which she hails). The best news of all? Sally is one the the artists that regularly accepts commissions – for humans and dogs.

Michel Kek

Image: Michele Kek

Michele’s passion is abstract art and she is a self-taught dynamo. Her professional career began in 2003 and now her works of art are in private and corporate collections all over the world. Michele lives in the mid-western United States where she works her magic to create these fantastic mixed media collage pieces with dogs. Don’t you just love the Great Dane?

Jo Chambers


Image: Jo Chambers

Jo Chambers is a quaint artist who will paint a custom portrait of your canine bestie, complete with flowers.  She is renowned for creating one-of-a-kind embroidered pieces and custom canine art with a definite floral flare. You can check out all of her wonderful stationary, art, and embroidering at the Studio Legohead shop.

David Hockney

Image: Richard Schmidt for Architectural Digest

Stanley and Boodgie, the Dachshunds, are the muses for David Hockney’s 84 illustrations of dogs. This visual artist is an international legend, originating from the UK. You may have heard his name in association with pop art movements of the 1960s. This is THAT David Hockney, one of the most influential artists of the last 100 years. In an interview with Architectural Digest, Mr. Hockney said about the Dachshunds, “These two dear little creatures are my friends.” He certainly has created some adorable paintings of them.

Rafael Mantesso

Image: Rafael Matesso

Speaking of friends, it was the night of his 30th birthday that Rafael Mantesso’s wife left him, taking everything but the dog. Mantesso and his Bull Terrier, Jimmy, were moping about in a completely white apartment. That’s when genius struck! Feeling inspired, the visual artist grabbed a Sharpie and started adding things to the space around Jimmy. The result? Quirky and adorable stills that seem to be stolen from a larger story about a man and his dog. Each image can be found in the in the book, A Dog Named Jimmy.


If you could get a commissioned work of art of your fluffer from any of these artists, which would you choose?