Life Of Vi – Twinning

The Art Of Dressing Like Your Pet

By Rachel Simpson

Ever hear the saying that after some time together people begin to look like their pets? Now, none of Violet’s family look like her; the adorable bat-frog-pig-dog dynamic is a tough look to replicate. But there’s certainly a fair amount of coordinating among us, both intentional and otherwise.

Show your Stripes:

Matching stripes? Pretty cute, right? And Violet’s gold harness and leash match her mom’s gold shoes (shoes that Violet, no matter how much she loves them, wouldn’t dare eat).

Let it Rain:

This look is a little more practical. Unlike her little brother, Violet doesn’t need to wear a jacket when it rains. But if she’s going to go puddle-jumping with him she might as well look the part.

These Colors Don’t Fade:

The Blue Jays might not be competitive anymore, but they’re our team nonetheless. Which is why Vi and her dad still sport their Jays gear with pride.

Flower Power:

Girls love flowers, that goes for our little dog too (she is named after one after all). Don’t let the snarl fool you; she was plenty happy to wear twinning floral attire with her mom.

The Robe Code:

Oli wasn’t really thrilled with his new robe until he saw Violet wearing a matching one. Now, whenever he puts it on he asks that Violet wear hers too.

Tangled Up in Plaid:

Vi wasn’t around for the grunge era, and her dad was never really a fan. But plaid is still classic which is why they both like to break out the checkered button-ups every once in awhile.

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