Oprah Knows Best: Queen O Demonstrates Her Dog Poop Stain Removal Method

The Video You Need To See Plus 5 Tips For Cleaning Other Pet Emergencies

By Jennifer Grant

Photo: Oprah.com

Allies in the fight against pet hair and mystery bodily fluids are easily acquired on any budget: club soda, dish soap, baking soda, rubber gloves, cotton rags, empty spray bottle, salt, white vinegar, and rubbing alcohol. Incidentally, these items would make an excellent “bringing home baby” gift for a friend who has recently adopted.

Photo: Facebook / Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Advises the “Fizz, Blot, Fluff” Technique to Get Rid of Poop

Even the direst of doggie emergencies (diarrhea!!) will disappear using Oprah’s expert technique. Start by disposing of any hard bits, and then proceed directly to “fizz, blot, fluff:”

  • Pour club soda directly onto the stain. Watch it bubble and froth as it lifts the poop to the surface of the carpet.
  • Blot (do NOT rub) the liquid with a cotton rag.
  • Repeat with another dose of club soda’s magical poop cleaning bubbles. Blot. Then continue to repeat these steps until you feel satisfied that there is no poop (only stain) remaining.
  • Now it’s time for soap: add just a dab of dish soap and RUB (do not BLOT). Rub until that stain is gone.
  • Final step – one last round with the club soda: fizz, blot, fluff. Voila – no more stain!

Get Leashed is so inspired by the results of Oprah’s stain removal advice that we consulted our in-house pet stain experts on removing other pet nasties.

These are our Top Five:

1. Getting Hair off ALL THE THINGS

Forget about that roll of packing tape because it’s incredibly inefficient. The very best way to get pet hair off upholstery is a little stranger than tape.  Take a pair of rubber kitchen gloves and run them under cold water.  Shake off the excess water, because you want them moist, not wet. Finally, run the gloves over the hair-laden upholstery (or your black pants).  It is definitely a good idea to water test a patch of the upholstery before trying this technique. But trust me, once you do the rubber glove thing, you’ll be ready to throw out that lint brush and packing tape.

Photo: Oprah.com

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